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  • NANCY SCHUETZ (Sunday, March 31 24 10:48 am EDT)

    My husband and I had our first couples massage for our 36 year anniversary. My husband had Amber and I had Jaileen. Both very professional. Amber made my husband feel very comfortable since this was his first experience ever. He was so relaxed. He loved Amber's style that left him relaxed and tranquil. Jaileen has magic fingers. I loved her style and was left relaxed and tingly. We will be booking them again.

  • Jeff (Sunday, November 26 23 11:48 pm EST)

    Amber gives an amazing massage. She’s so passionate about her work and works very hard at her craft. Besides being a great massage therapist, she’s a consummate professional and very nice. I will continue to get massages by her and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great massage.

  • Nitin (Wednesday, September 27 23 09:45 pm EDT)

    Amber and Jaileen are fantastic therapists

  • Gina Judge (Wednesday, September 27 23 01:56 pm EDT)

    Jaileen came to my home and gave Myself and my daughter massages. She was amazing and very personable and professional. We will definitely book with her again!

  • James Fraser (Sunday, September 24 23 02:26 pm EDT)

    This young lady is incredible. Definitely recommend Amber's services 👌

  • Nancy (Wednesday, June 21 23 04:12 pm EDT)

    I have done massages with Amber for about 10 years now. She has helped me treat upper back/shoulder discomfort and tightness and maintain my overall health and well-being. She gives me recommendations for stretches at home and posture. She has helped me through two healthcare careers that can be taxing on the body. Thank you Amber for your help and support! It has been an honor to work with you for so long.

  • Liz (Tuesday, February 07 23 09:05 pm EST)

    Amber and her partner are AMAZING! She professionally sets a space that is tranquil in all situations.

  • Tim (Friday, January 13 23 05:51 pm EST)

    We have used Amber for more than a year. My wife is disabled and home bound, so finding her was a blessing. She is very thorough, pleasant to be around, and shows much kindness to my wife. We couldn't be happier with her.

  • Annette (Friday, January 13 23 04:14 pm EST)

    Amber is hands down the best massage therapist around! I found amber 10 years ago, and will continue to be a loyal customer! Amber’s deep tissue definitely helps with tense back pain!

  • Jaslyn (Friday, January 13 23 03:20 pm EST)

    Amazing massages! Prompt and punctual! Thank you for pampering my guests at my spa party!! Loved it!!

  • W. Weems (Friday, January 13 23 03:12 pm EST)

    Amber's Traveling massage is simply the best. We have been with Amber for 2 years and she and her excellent massage have become a main stay in my active recovery. She is always on time and professional! Looking forward to years of relaxing Massages to come. Try her out, you will not be disappointed!

  • Jen Winter (Friday, January 13 23 08:56 am EST)

    Amber's Traveling Massage is amazing. I have been using Amber for years now. She is always punctual and professional. It is easy to schedule an appointment and its so great because I don't have to leave my house. My massages are always amazing and when she is done I always feel relaxed and refreshed. Highly recommend!!

  • Joseph (Thursday, December 22 22 06:35 pm EST)

    Amber was very communicative and professional. She provided a great experience and massage. I will definitely be using her again.

  • Roxane Allen (Wednesday, December 21 22 07:42 pm EST)

    Amber is great!
    Very professional and reliable.
    I would highly recommend Amber.

  • Renard Mulla (Friday, July 08 22 11:50 am EDT)

    Jaileens services were used for my wife’s birthday. Wife said 10/10. And plan on using again.

  • Marleinna iamaleava (Monday, July 04 22 12:08 am EDT)

    Worked with Jaileen and she was amazing! Feel like a million bucks after my massage. Thanks so much!

  • Don (Thursday, June 30 22 10:19 pm EDT)

    Ive dealt with lower back pain most of my adult life and Amber has been the one to help me alleviate that pain. Professional and skillful I recommend her to all my family and friends.

  • Katie (Thursday, June 30 22 11:03 am EDT)

    I’ve been going to Amber for two years and has been the best massages I’ve ever had. She was able to provide me pre-natal massages when I was pregnant and ridiculously uncomfortable, and put me and my body at ease. Since having my son, she was able to target spots on my body that would be in pain from post partum. She always is professional and listens to your needs.
    The fact that she travels makes it just an added perk for someone that is busy or not comfortable going to a establishment, easy. She makes you comfortable, always has relaxing music that she brings. If you haven’t booked with Amber yet, then you have been missing out!!

  • John Winter (Wednesday, June 29 22 11:43 pm EDT)

    Amber is very professional and on time. My wife and I have been using Amber’s massages for over 10 years. We initially needed her for a car accident and she helped tremendously. Once you have one it is amazing and you are hooked. She does such an amazing job your muscles will feel excellent.

  • Kim (Saturday, June 25 22 01:30 pm EDT)

    We had a really fun girls spa day with 6 massages back to back for my friends birthday. Jaileen is so talented and I was so impressed by her massage technique. She is also a really sweet person and I enjoyed talking with her after my massage. It was so relaxing and I will definitely become a regular customer. I found ambers traveling massage on yelp and am so glad I tried it out! Highly recommend!!

  • Alexander Pawlasek (Sunday, June 12 22 05:34 pm EDT)

    Amber is great. She's a professional and I highly recommend her. I scheduled a 1 hour appointment on Sunday. She came with her equipment and set up was quick. The hour felt like it flew by really quick too. I really enjoyed her neck, scalp and face massages.

  • Peggy Poll (Sunday, June 12 22 03:59 pm EDT)

    We had a family day that included 12 individual 30 minute massages with Jaileen. Not only was Jaileen personable and easy to work with, she was also amazing! Her massages were excellent and addressed areas of discomfort as well as offering a soothing and relaxing experience. I look forward to more massages with Jaileen!

  • Marleen r Lipschultz (Sunday, October 03 21 11:13 am EDT)

    I am interested in a massage for myself and my husband. We each have our own issues and can you wellness time for each of us. Your reviews are great I would ike to speak with you as soon as possibe. Thank you
    Marleen Lipschultz

  • Tatiana Kelly (Friday, June 04 21 03:17 pm EDT)

    I scheduled a massage with Amber on May 18, 2021. I waited for over an hour after our scheduled appointment and Amber was a no show and no contact. If there was any reason our appointment couldn't be honored a call would have been nice as I would have been able to book someone else

  • Katie Buchholz (Thursday, April 15 21 10:18 am EDT)

    I have had numbness and tingling in both legs and feet. My doctor was going to send me to a specialist and prescribe me mussel relaxers. Amber came and gave me a massage targeting my hips and lower back. She has completely resolved my pain I was having after 3 sessions. I highly recommend her she is very knowledgeable and caring about all of her clients.

  • Varun (Wednesday, March 03 21 10:14 pm EST)

    Amber is absolutely the best discovery that we stumbled upon in the Chicago area. She is courteous, proactive, timely and professional. Her massages are rejuvenating and heal not only physically but also mentally - we no longer spend a fortune on spas and happily work with Amber once a month. As long as we are in the area and Amber continues providing this service, we will remain loyal clients and huge fans.

  • Karen DeVries (Saturday, February 13 21 10:14 am EST)

    Absolutely wonderful!! Amber does amazing work! She was very personable and understanding. I feel so much better! We will surely be repeat customers!!

  • Mark Nowak (Wednesday, November 18 20 04:17 pm EST)

    I've been getting massages my entire adult life to help out with an old back injury. I frequent the usual corporate spas and get therapeutic massages at my chiropractor's office, so I've had plenty of experience throughout my life. Recently a friend recommended Amber and the fact that she would come to my house. Although skeptical at first because I'm so used to going out to get a massage, I figured I'd give it a shot anyway. And I'm so glad I did! I have no reason to argue going back to a spa again. Most importantly amber's massage techniques were spot on. She asked me what I needed work on and even found a few new sopts. LOL. She was the perfect blend between therapy and relaxation. So not only did I feel better physically but I felt relaxed too. And that's the best part of havinga massage at home. I didn't have to leave the spa after feeling relaxed, get back in the car and drive home. I was alrady there! The at home experience is totally worth it. No need anymore to go out and hope I get the next good therapist in line. Especially if you're concerned about COVID and with winter coming, why go out? She's professional, experienced, and also super sweet. I'll be calling Amber from now on and recommending her to anyone interested in a great massage therapist.

  • Matt Mazzaroli (Wednesday, November 18 20 09:50 am EST)

    Everything that comes in a tiny package isn't dainty. Amber might be little, but she got a lot of knots and stress out on my back and I'm a 200 pound guy. She was very professional and thorough. I feel much better this week than last week. I will be rescheduling.

  • Aunt Sandy (Tuesday, November 17 20 08:58 pm EST)

    Amber is my niece, her Uncle ( my husband) her moms brother, passed away on Oct 26th in Washington State where we live, we brought him home to Illinois for burial service! Her moms house was full of my kids and their spouses and children, her siblings and their spouse and children and of course her mother and I, and even in her moments of grief and everyone around her grieving, Amber set up her massage table and went to work, helping to relieve stress, tension and anxiety in the household! My husband was laid to rest on Nov. the sixth, Amber also played airport taxi from Ohare to moline I mean she is amazing and though I might me a little biased I saw her put on her professionalism face even in her time of grief! You can’t get anyone better!

  • David Darland (Tuesday, November 17 20 07:37 pm EST)

    Amber is a amazing massage therapist I would not go to anyone else now that she has massaged me!!

  • Andy Puffer (Tuesday, November 17 20 07:28 pm EST)

    Amber is an amazing masseuse. I’ve never had an in-home massage before & it was absolutely amazing. Amber is so professional and an amazing person.
    I would highly recommend Amber to anyone.
    Thank you Amber !!!!

  • Sandy Enshiwat (Tuesday, November 17 20 06:29 pm EST)

    I’ve worked for home healthcare companies. I’ve had massages from many professionals. I can, without a doubt, say amber is one of the most professional, courteous, talented therapists that I have ever Met. She works around your schedule, not just hers. She takes into account any problematic areas, as well as consistently making sure you’re comfortable as is the amount of pressure used and needed. I couldn’t fathom ever hiring another therapist after my years of experience with her. I’ve referred her to every person in my personal and professional circles. You will never be disappointed with her services. Truly a professional.

  • AR WILSON (Tuesday, November 17 20 05:03 pm EST)

    I contact her on this past Friday the 13th and she tells me that the only availability she have is Tuesday so she asked me what time I say 1:30pm she sends me a form to fill out I filled out the form and she's a no-call no-show I have to reach out to her and she tells me some sob story about her car but she still never called me to let me know anything and it is 4:01 p.m. now so unprofessional especially for a first-time client it tells a lot about her business ethics

  • William Arellano (Tuesday, October 27 20 08:11 am EDT)

    Amber’s massage was the right amount of pressure I needed and a great gift to myself. Very nice to have a massage in your own home

  • Timeka Richardson (Sunday, October 25 20 09:07 pm EDT)

    Amber was amazing. She was professional, on time and prepared. Kind heart and it shows that she really cares about her clients. The massage just topped it all off. Overall amazing!!

  • Kristin Schrader (Sunday, December 08 19 08:29 pm EST)

    I love that you address such varied issues through massage. Your mention of working with your aunt to help her really touched me. My sisters and I will be home in Batavia with our mother for Christmas. This will be the very first time for us to celebrate in such a small group and without all the usual stress. We have been discussing how the 4 of us could make it truly special and in-home massages came up. I’m not sure when you’d be available- I’ll be in town the 21st-28th. Of course, in our fantasies it would be the afternoon of the 24th but that’s too much to ask of any therapist who celebrates the holiday, as well. In any event, I’m reaching out just to see...
    Thank you- Kristin

  • Pharris Mack (Monday, August 19 19 09:33 pm EDT)

    Amber was great! Got a free upgrade for my birthday and definitely was 90 minutes well spent

  • Maryann Goetsch (Sunday, August 18 19 07:00 pm EDT)

    I booked back to back massages for myself and my husband and Amber came on a Friday night. We both loved her technique and I especially loved my scalp massage. We recommend booking Amber!

  • Greg (Saturday, May 11 19 09:50 am EDT)

    My wife and I recently had our first massage with Amber...and it won't be our last. She did a GREAT job. Very professional and knows her business well!

  • Doug Sievers (Thursday, May 24 18 04:54 pm EDT)

    I discovered Amber at my workplace where she was giving massages. I've had her to our home a couple of times now, for my wife and myself, and she is excellent. Highly recommend Amber, she is very good at what she does.

  • Laura L (Wednesday, May 02 18 02:39 pm EDT)

    I have been using Amber on and off for the past few months. Recently Amber has helping relieve the pain in my knee from a pinched nerve. Amber has the touch! It is wonderful to not be limping on a daily basis again. Thank you, Amber!!!

  • Jody (Wednesday, December 20 17 12:29 pm EST)

    Amber and her team have come onsite to our business in Bolingbrook multiple times to service our staff of 200 plus. It has been a treat to have Amber and staff provide a brief moment of relaxation during our busiest time of the year and hope to have her come back next year!

  • TPC Tax (Tuesday, September 26 17 03:08 pm EDT)

    We had Amber and Ami come to our office and give 32 of our employees a 15 minute chair massage. Everyone loved it, it was a great perk to offer our employees. Amber and Ami were really good, everyone said it was one of the best massages they have had!!

  • Alyssa (Monday, September 04 17 12:39 am EDT)

    I had severe post partum depression and was at my best friend's wedding when I finally met Amber. She gave me a massage and it was the most connected, understanding, relaxing moment I have ever had. I really never needed that moment more. She gave me that massage and I was able to fall asleep with my baby in my arms. We went to sleep in the futon in a loft in a beach cabin. We stayed asleep for four hours. I woke up feeling like the mom I wanted to be, but was too tired to manage. That massage is the reason, as an RN, I went to school for massage. I wanted to be able to give people what she made me feel. A touch that was comforting; medicinal. Her massage allowed me to be whole in a hormonal storm I felt it difficult to be whole during. Amber's massage is magic.

  • Bianca (Monday, August 14 17 12:11 am EDT)

    Amber is terrific! She is affordable and travels to your house. She gives great massages!

  • Ed Kasza (Tuesday, August 08 17 04:54 pm EDT)

    Amber is very passionate about her profession and very good at it. She was always asking how I was feeling as as she moved to a different part of my body. If I wanted more or less pressure or if I wanted her to spend more time on a certain location. For me, it was a drive to see her, but definitely worth it.

  • Jeanette Kendra (Sunday, August 06 17 09:33 pm EDT)

    Amber listens to my needs. She's been giving me awesome deep tissue massages for 21/2 years now .I have recommended her to at least a dozens people . And there are all very happy .

  • Brian (Sunday, May 21 17 06:39 pm EDT)

    We had Amber come to our office and give our 10 employees a 30 minute massage. Everyone loved it, what a great perk to offer your employees. Amber is really good, one of the best massages I have had!!

  • JoAnn (Monday, May 15 17 12:52 pm EDT)

    We have been using Amber's Massage for several years! It's wonderful to have in home massage at affordable rates. Have hosted a couple of massage parties also! Great fun for a group of friends.




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